Empowering Rural Revitalization: Pioneering a New Model of Green Power Supply Services

ZIBO, China, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In line with the national rural revitalization strategy and the big-picture of rural development, State Grid Huantai County Power Supply Company (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) actively championed a model of green power supply services designed to bolster rural revitalization efforts including village planning and construction, ecological environment, economic development as well as public services.

Establish a leading mechanism to achieve rural revitalization with electricity. The company was closely aligned with the rural revitalization strategy, outlining some key objectives and responsibilities. Starting with a clear list of responsibilities, it fostered communication and coordination with government bodies at all levels, creating a “collaborative chain” between government and enterprises as well as an internal “cooperation chain”.

Build a new paradigm of energy consumption centered on green power. Recognizing the expansion of charging infrastructure as a pivotal impetus for promoting the uptake of new energy vehicles in rural areas, the company actively partnered with Zibo Electric Vehicle Company to proactively plan the layout of charging infrastructure in rural areas, identify optimal sites for charging stations in advance and formulate the “Medium and Long-term Plan on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Huantai County”, which achieved the full coverage of charging stations across all villages.

Construct a comprehensive and complementary system of multiple energy resources to stride from “Sunshine” to a “Green Future”. Another new energy generation medium was added in Huantai County with the successful grid connection of the gas-fired power generation project by Youdao Tire Co., Ltd. While developing photovoltaics, the company promoted the diversified development of new energy to reduce reliance on any single energy source. It aimed to achieve the goal of “horizontal complementarity of multiple energy sources, vertical coordination of source, network, load and storage” and advance the integration of the four elements with the system as an effective way to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the production end, reduce carbon emissions in the energy production process and comprehensively promote the development of a new power system centered on renewable energy.

Continuously advancing the rural revitalization strategy, the company deepened innovative practices such as “village-grid joint construction”, which collectively drove progress in the rural economy, society, and environment followed by the overarching goal of “strong agriculture, beautiful rural areas and prosperous farmers”.

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