EACON Mining and MACA Spearhead Technological Innovation in Mining Industry Collaboration at Electric Mining 2024, Paving the Way for Electrification

PERTH, Australia, May 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EACON Mining, a leading provider of autonomous haulage solutions, and MACA, a leader in mining services, are set to make waves at the highly anticipated Electric Mining 2024 exhibition. The joint exhibition marks a significant milestone in their collaboration, showcasing pioneering advancements in electrification technologies and autonomous driving that are poised to reshape the future of mining. The shift toward smaller autonomous haul trucks signifies the partnerships commitment to leveraging technology to find solutions that are safe, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and suitable for the variable conditions present in mining operations

MACA and EACON at The Electric Mine 2024
MACA and EACON at The Electric Mine 2024

EACON and MACA are actively pursuing the development and importation of battery electric mining trucks and hybrid battery mining trucks into the Australian market. These trucks manufactured by different OEMs will be embedded with EACON new energy systems, drive by wire systems, autonomous capabilities and will conform to regional standards/regulations. This collaborative effort builds upon the foundation laid with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the end of 2023.

EACON Mining is driving the mining industry’s shift towards electrification with its expertise in battery electric power systems design, hybrid power system design and autonomous turn-key solution capabilities. Collaborating with OEMs, EACON’s driverless electric haul truck models have been introduced into a quarry operation since 2023. This initiative provides greener and more efficient mining operations. In this quarry, haulage predominantly involves loaded downhill travel, providing excellent opportunities for regeneration of the electric vehicles. By March 2024, the electric fleet have collectively reduced emissions by over 2300 tons and travelled a haulage distance of more than 300 thousand kilometres, underscoring the dedication to sustainability.

EY60, Electric Battery Truck in Fushan Quarry
EY60, Electric Battery Truck in Fushan Quarry

EACON, in partnership with LGMG, unveiled a 90-ton autonomous hybrid battery mining truck. Featuring EACON’s pioneering energy control design, achieving fuel savings of up to 30% compared to traditional diesel-powered trucks. Another industry leader, Tonly Heavy Industries, recently introduced a hybrid model featuring EACON’s hybrid power systems. Over 100 of these autonomous haul trucks has been deployed in EACON’s coal mine projects. EACON has built a fleet of 300+ autonomous trucks, with battery electric and hybrid powertrain accounting for over 90%. These vehicles have collectively covered a distance exceeding 8.8 million kilometres. Drawing from a deep understanding of autonomy technology in mining, EACON has seamlessly integrated this into the design of the new energy haul trucks.

“We are excited to showcase our collaboration. With MACA, we are reshaping the future of mining by introducing innovative solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability,” said Elaine Jin, COO of EACON Mining Australia. “Currently, small-tonnage pure electric mining trucks offer mature solutions. EACON’s autonomous driving system will help alleviate the cost pressures associated with implementing small-tonnage solutions.”

Elaine Jin, COO of EACON Mining Australia
Elaine Jin, COO of EACON Mining Australia

MACA’s significant strides in electrification initiatives align with EACON’s commitment to decarbonisation and sustainability in mining. Their interoperable battery-electric vehicle solutions will significantly reduce emissions while maximizing battery lifecycle, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for the mining industry.

In collaboration with EACON Mining, MACA is also leveraging state-of-the-art technology to integrate autonomous driving systems into its fleet of haul trucks. This move aims to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs through more efficient fleet management and optimized vehicle movements. The introduction of autonomous driving capabilities is expected to create safer working environments by eliminating human error and reducing the risk of accidents.

David Greig, Thiess Group Executive – Australia West said,

“Our collaboration with EACON underscores our vision to harness the power of people and technology to drive sustainable change. This reinforces MACA’s commitment to offering our clients OEM agnostic autonomy, essential for holistic electrification in mining. By blending the strengths of our people with innovative technologies, we are spearheading transformative change where mining operations are safer, greener, and more efficient.”

David Greig, Thiess Group Executive - Australia West
David Greig, Thiess Group Executive – Australia West

As EACON Mining and MACA unveil their latest innovations at Electric Mining 2024, the steadfast commitment lies in propelling sustainable change within the mining industry. Through collaborative efforts, the focus remains on raising safety standards, enhancing operational efficiency, and spearheading the transition towards a greener, more sustainable mining sector.

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