DHgate Emphasizes AI Innovation and Improved Localization at 2024 Seller Conference

With cross-border e-commerce now comprising the bulk of China’s exports, DHgate emphasized the importance of innovative business growth at its 2024 Seller Conference.

SHENZHEN, China, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DHgate, the global leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace, hosted its 2024 Seller Conference in Shenzhen on March 26th, 2024, where the company also announced their core strategy for 2024 — to further innovate their B2B2C model and AI capabilities, along with a focus on improving user experience and localization.

DHgate Emphasizes AI Innovation and Improved Localization at 2024 Seller Conference
DHgate Emphasizes AI Innovation and Improved Localization at 2024 Seller Conference

To an audience of more than 1,500 platform sellers, DHGATE Group’s Co-CEO Chun Li announced that in 2025, the DHgate marketplace will focus on developing and integrating AI technology as well as implementing a thorough quality upgrade of supply chain services. The platform will also prioritize acquiring new business customers in new scenarios, enhance the customer experience and market localization, improve overseas services for brands and selected suppliers, as well as promote B2B AI models and AIGC applications.

“DHgate’s goal for 2024 and the coming decade is to work with our partners to upgrade each others’ capabilities for mutual success,” said Chun during his 2024 Seller Conference keynote speech.

“We are researching and implementing new ways to innovate on our B2B2C model so that brands are more empowered and have an easier time finding and selecting sellers. We are also exploring ways to make it easier than ever for sellers to export their products overseas.”

DHGATE has officially launched the ‘Pick Program’ for products that meet high standards in business, quality and service, aiming to curate 1 million Pick products by the end of 2024.

DHGATE Group’s 2024 strategy focuses on improving product and service quality, enhancing the buyer experience, and global expansion of its logistics and payment services. The group is set to further develop its intelligent cross-border logistics platform, DHLink, offering delivery options for seven days, 15 days and 25 day-delivery to cater to diverse seller needs. Additionally, DHGATE will establish their smart international supply chain network, DHPort, providing sea, land, and air transportation logistics and door-to-door solutions to enhance customer fulfillment certainty and stability. DHPort will also introduce overseas cloud warehouses covering North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Another key focus is DHGATE Group’s newest offering, DHmogo, which provides an FOB model-based fulfillment solution targeting European and American small businesses. The platform is also expanding payment services, including Token one-click payments, more than 10 local European payment methods, and advancements in post-payment options to 16 countries worldwide, significantly enhancing the consumer purchasing experience.

Ahead of the Curve With Social Commerce

By keeping a close eye on market and consumer trends since its founding, DHGATE Group has also shown remarkable foresight in predicting the rise of social commerce and being one of the first movers to offer social commerce services to business owners and entrepreneurs.

On multiple occasions, DHGATE Group Founder, Chairperson and CEO Diane Wang has shared: “We must seize this window of opportunity for the breakthrough of social commerce in overseas markets, as it is the best stage for a new generation of Chinese companies to showcase their capabilities.”

MyyShop leverages DHGATE Group’s robust supply chain capabilities to provide B2B2C social commerce services for overseas creators.

Integrating AI with E-commerce

DHgate also predicts that AI technology will profoundly subvert B2B e-commerce within the next 10 years. In line with this evolving trend, this year DHgate is innovating on their AI-integrated offerings to improve business efficiency for cross-border sellers. The company is introducing a large-scale B2B AI vertical model and an AI-generated content application for cross border e-commerce.

DHGATE Group unveiled its first large-scale AI model, ‘Feitian (Apsara)’, at the conference. Leveraging 20 years of data, Feitian addresses AI challenges for cross-border e-commerce, boosting conversions and sales. DHGATE plans to enhance merchant operations with AI, offering new features such as smart coupons and improved buyer experiences.

“We are especially committed to offering increased multilingual and localization capabilities in key markets, in order to give our customers the most convenient and memorable user journey possible,” Chun shared.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs with The Inner Mountain Foundation

Seller Conference visitors also had the opportunity to learn more about The Inner Mountain Foundation, a newly-launched global women’s empowerment organization focused on empowering female entrepreneurs. It is an initiative started by Diane to foster a community of like-minded women who can lead, nurture, and inspire those around them — starting with themselves — by providing access to various entrepreneurial resources, mentorship, training, information, support, recognition, and even funding for women-owned businesses.

During the Seller Conference, the Foundation hosted an experiential ‘The Inner Mountain Space’ event which provided a sanctuary for self-discovery and empowerment. Various activities in ‘The Inner Mountain Space’ also encouraged participants to listen to their inner voice and share it with others, as they embarked on a journey of self-exploration with the Inner Mountain community.

“We’ve received tremendous support from communities all around the world for The Inner Mountain Foundation’s pursuit of women empowerment,” Diane said.

“Our China chapter is already going strong with multiple successful programs running since last year, and this year we are launching our California chapter with numerous events that highlight the Foundation’s focus on women helping women. Our aim is to empower women the world over to establish success on their own terms, so they can in turn inspire and nurture more and more women to do the same.”

About DHgate
Founded in 2004, DHgate has become the leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace in China, boasting over 34 million live listings annually. Through their global operations and offices, including in the USA and UK, DHgate reaches millions of people with trusted products and services. As of December 31, 2022, DHgate served more than 59.6 million registered buyers from 225 countries and regions, connecting them to over 2.54 million sellers in China and other countries.

For more information, please visit DHgate.com and follow @DHgate.com.

About The Inner Mountain Foundation
The Inner Mountain Foundation promotes the empowerment of women through education, community, and outreach. We are led by our Founder and Chairperson Diane Wang, who first articulated the principles of Inner Mountain Thinking in her 2024 book, The Inner Mountain. As a global foundation and women’s empowerment community, we invest in impact-making educational resources that we seek to make as broadly accessible as possible. Our goal is to focus the work of the Inner Mountain on the soft skills training that we believe helps equip women to be their greatest, most empowered selves across their most wholly integrated life (connecting the self with work, family, community, and legacy).

For more information, please visit innermountain.org


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