DFI Unveils Next-Gen In-Vehicle Systems Pioneering Smart Transportation Revolution

New for Commercial Vehicles: VC500-CMS-MXM and VP101-M8M for Edge AI and Road Safety

TAIPEI, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DFI, the world’s leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, proudly unveils two groundbreaking products aimed at revolutionizing in-vehicle computing solutions: the AI-enabled VC500-CMS-MXM and the VP101-M8M. As “Markets and Markets” report, underscoring the surging need for real-time vehicle telematics and camera-based surveillance systems, anticipated to propel the market for in-vehicle computer systems. With projected growth from 565 million USD in 2020 to 980 million USD by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.6%, aligned with these insights, DFI maintains its focus on delivering cutting-edge innovations to address the evolving requirements of customers in the automotive and commercial vehicles sectors.

DFI President Alexander Su stated that our meticulously crafted in-vehicle systems and touchscreen panel PCs excel across transportation sectors, including fleet management, monitoring, traffic control, and surveillance. DFI’s in-vehicle solutions are rigorously certified to meet safety standards for public transportation and adhere to professional certifications in transportation standards worldwide.

Empowering AI at the Edge

The VC500-CMS-MXM revolutionizes in-vehicle systems, empowering AI at the edge for demanding automotive tasks, mining operations, and commercial logistics. Equipped with 10th Gen Intel® Xeon/Core™/Pentium/Celeron Processors and an MXM GPU module for AI processing, it effortlessly handles advanced computing tasks. Its flexible connectivity options, such as 4x M12/RJ45 802.11af PoE ports or 2x 10G SFP+ ports, ensure seamless integration into various environments with high transmission speeds. With support for an M.2 B key 3042/3052 5G-NR module and dual SIM functionality, it ensures reliable connectivity even in challenging conditions. Additionally, Out-of-Band (OOB) management enables remote monitoring and maintenance for enhanced efficiency.

Advanced In-Vehicle Computing for Commercial Logistics

The VP101-M8M, a 10.1″ in-vehicle touch panel PC for the commercial vehicle market, sets a new standard in performance and functionality. Its Advanced Power Protection Management Solution, featuring power ignition control, safeguards your device and vehicle electronics from sudden power fluctuations, ensuring uninterrupted operation in demanding environments. Enhanced vehicle safety is assured with the integration of a 6-axis IMU sensor for precise motion detection. Moreover, its 1200 nits high brightness screen ensures optimal visibility even in bright sunlight conditions, enhancing user experience and safety. Additionally, E-Mark (R10) certification underscores DFI’s commitment to compliance with automotive safety standards, providing peace of mind regarding product quality and reliability.

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