DFI Optimistically Approaches Future Operations: Expanding AI IPC Development and Application Fields

TAIPEI, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DFI, the world leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers (IPC), announced at its fourth quarter investor conference on 3/11 that DFI’s overall performance is expected to gradually improve as customers undergo inventory adjustment cycles, thanks to the increasing demand in various regions’ markets and the ongoing enhancement of DFI’s portfolio of high-margin products. Looking to the future, the key focus of development will be integrating DFI’s embedded solutions with AI, which will provide many vertical sectors with AI industrial computer solutions. The company is optimistic regarding future operational growth.

DFI Vice President Michael Lee, with an eye toward forthcoming developments, stated that although customers’ inventory adjustments are still affecting the demand for orders from DFI, these adjustments have gradually slowed each quarter since Q3 of last year, leading to a gradual recovery in demand. It is expected that this will be reflected in DFI’s operations and received orders. During this period of customer inventory adjustments, DFI has accelerated its R&D and prototyping of new AI products in order to satisfy the strong demand that customers will have in the next three to five years. These include unmanned services, remote management, and other AI edge computing applications.

DFI’s current orders show a rising trend in both order quantity and customer base, boosting its business performance. This expansion has led to DFI entering the unmanned vehicle market. Furthermore, there is still strong demand in information security, automation, smart healthcare, new energy applications, and rail transportation, which will drive growth for DFI.

Alexander Su, President of DFI, stated that the integration of AI into DFI’s three major product lines will become an area of primary focus in the future, and will incorporate industrial-grade motherboards, systems, touchscreen computers, and displays.

In line with the development timetable of the company’s AI products, DFI will be participating in six major international exhibitions in the first half of this year, including the world’s largest embedded electronics and IPC event Embedded World 2024, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024, and IT Week in Japan, showcasing a series of AI applications and new products for unmanned services. DFI will collaborate with its group partners and subsidiaries to enhance value for customers in embedded, cybersecurity, and smart automation industries, becoming the best partner in corporate OT intelligentization.

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Evelyn Chang 

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