depa – Tellscore announces 100 names of deINFLUENCER participants who have received a certificate

depa and Tellscore announced the finalist of 100 deINFLUENCER participants. Who had pass the course and took the test. This is including the result of the project that participants who attended the workshop in the last session with a main focus on creating positive change for the industry. This Workshop is to help Thai influencers to develop and promote creative communication skills for the group of influencers in order to obtain quality content that meet the needs of the market as well as creating content that has a moral sense for the society.

Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President/CEO of depa, said, “Thank you to all participants in this project who had made into the finalist of the deINFLUENCER. The depa organization is very pleased with this. It will be another driving force to influencers for today and in the near fu-ture establish a solid baseline for creating quality content and promote ethics and responsibility as communicators. To build credibility for both the influencers themselves and the brand sustainably and produce information that is useful to society in many sectors and most importantly is to create an Influencer Community to step into the world of communication and develop the digital economy for Thailand.”

Suvita Charanwong, CEO and co-founder of Tellscore, said, “During the course of the deINFLUENCER project, more than 460 people have been selected to join this project to learn and practice their career-building skills influencer to empower businesses in the digital age through les-sons from 3 famous Thai influencers such as Khun Yardpirun, Kru Tom Jakkrit and Khun Aki Yamagu-chi. All of them raised their best tricks in online communication creating engaging and unique content including how to present it to the audience come and share the subjects with the project participants. Which each course the project participants have learned it was a learning shortcut that was filter down from the experience of the three and now that it has reached the final stage of the program. Tellscore would like to congratulate everyone who has passed the program, including 100 who have received the certificate. To be the driving force to create good things in the online social world in the future.”

The Final lesson of the project is to attend a workshop to practice communication skills in the real world scenario. Participants use what they have learned from the 3 courses to combine with the workshop to practice presenting content to be readable, listenable, interesting and compelling.

With a distinctive speaking identity, tone, language and personality, it is also one of the influ-encers that have a large following. In addition, project participants will receive a content creation test in their own channel according to the questions given by the speakers. And submit the work into Tellscore platform for the 5 committees, namely Khun Phattranid Chanin, Digital Marketing Manager of Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa, Khun Tae Pattanakorn Adirekkiat, Member of the Powerpuff gay and The Pazzion YouTube channel owner, Khun Suvita Charanwong, CEO & Co-Founder of Tellscore, Khun Aiya Tuntisereerat, Influencer Relations Team Lead of Tellscore and Khun Sarinee Watanasuwan, Marketing Communication Manager of Tellscore who voted for the 100 deINFLUENCER project certificates.

The work of the 460 participants was selected based on the influencer industry standard scor-ing criteria as follows:
1. 25%: Creativity, style and creativity
2. 25%: Storytelling, Sequences and Storytelling
3. 25%: Impact of reaching people, such as Engagement.
4. 10%: Personal Branding, identity, personality, potential for growth
5. 15%: Social Conscience has a good sense of the audience, society, environment.

All 100 selected people will receive deINFLUENCER project certificates and project souvenirs delivered directly to their homes. Interested parties can follow more news on the deINFLUENCER pro-ject’s facebook page and depa Thailand or at the website

01-deINFLUENCER_คัดเลือกผลงานผู้เข้าร่วมโครงการ-0.jpg 02-deINFLUENCER_คัดเลือกผลงานผู้เข้าร่วมโครงการ-1.jpg

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