depa joins collaboration with Tellscore to launch deINFLUENCER Project

depa joins collaboration with Tellscore to launch deINFLUENCER Project
to build a new generation of influencers, inviting Thai people to apply
for online content creation class.

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa joins hands with Tellscore to organize deINFLUENCER Project to invite students and Thai people to learn essential digital skills via an online platform. Create new generation to drive Thailand’s social network with quality content and build Thai’s digital manpower for the digital economy. Those who are interested can apply for the Project from 1 – 31 August 2021 at “deINFLUENCER” Facebook.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin President/CEO of The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) revealed, “We have a mission to promote and support the development of digital industry and innovation. To help develop and promote the use of digital technology to benefit the economy and society. depa saw the potential of influencers that play a huge role in driving the digital economy in various directions and being a key opinion leader with people’s deciding for choosing products or services.

“We notice that influencers are a key factor that brings economy both online and offline activity. So, we are collaborating with Tellscore, the digital startup that provides Influencer Marketing Automation Platform. For the project, deINFLUENCER will select 100 participants to attend the workshop that contains course on creative communication skills through an online platform. depa aim that this project will create new generation influencers to drive Thailand’s digital economy onwards.” depa’s President/CEO said.

Ms. Suvita Charanwong, CEO and co-founder of Tellscore, added, “Tellscore is extremely honored to have chance to work with depa once again. It will promote the development of digital manpower and uplifting Thai personnel through online platforms by using Internet technology as a medium for communication between learners and teachers. This Emphasis is placed on teaching technical skills and social media production skills that encourage learners to take advantage of which aims to create opportunities for the new generation who are interested in the influencer industry. These classes will help develop creative communication skills and drive social networks to be of quality and to be recognized internationally. If anyone is interested, you can see more details at deINFLUENCER’s Facebook page.”

The deINFLUENCER project is a presentation of course learning through an online platform. Participants can access the study through online channels for video lectures, practice sessions, and practice tests. After completing the training in the deINFLUENCER Program, participants will receive a certificate to certify that they have completed the course. Those who are interested can apply for the Project from 1 – 31 August 2021. For more details of the criteria for applying or ask for more information at deINFLUENCER Facebook or