Davie plans to play a key role in support of historic partnership between Finland, Canada and the United States to build icebreakers

MONTREAL, July 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Davie, the Canada-based multinational shipbuilder, today announced its intention to be among the first private sector contributors to an historic trilateral agreement between the governments of Canada, Finland, and the United States.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and Finland’s President, Alexander Stubb, joined US President, Joe Biden, at the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., to launch the trilateral Icebreaker Collaboration Effort, or “ICE Pact.” This initiative will stimulate collaboration to achieve more efficient, rapid, and cost-effective production of much-needed icebreakers for both domestic and export markets.

As the world becomes more volatile, there is an unprecedented willingness and urgency among NATO allies to increase collaboration in research, trade, energy, and security in the contested polar regions. Icebreakers are key to meeting shared priorities. While adversaries’ shipbuilding industries operate on an effective war footing, Western allies markedly lack sufficient icebreakers and other specialized ships. No single nation can solve this challenge alone, but trusted allies with common goals and advanced shipbuilding can.

Davie commends the vision of the partners in creating the ICE Pact. As an icebreaker specialist with advanced facilities in Canada and Finland, Davie is uniquely qualified to be a major contributor. Davie’s Finnish business, Helsinki Shipyard, has built over 50% of the global icebreaker fleet. Davie is also building the world’s largest order book of polar icebreakers for the Government of Canada in Québec.

Demand for these specialized, hard-to-build ships is arguably at an all-time high, with more than 80 open projects among Western countries. Under the ICE Pact, global diplomatic collaboration will help icebreaker builders capture these opportunities.

The ICE Pact has three initial areas of focus: 1. Enhanced information exchange; 2. Workforce development; 3. An active invitation to partners and allies to buy icebreakers built in Canada, the US, and Finland. In the months ahead, a memorandum of understanding between the partners will define a practical framework for implementing the ICE Pact in each country. This will include a mechanism for adding new allies and partners.

The ICE Pact aims to strengthen the efficiency, resilience, and competitiveness of shipbuilding in the partner countries. Building superior ships for domestic and export markets will strengthen collective sea power, foster economic growth, and create thousands of skilled jobs.

Links to statements:

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About Davie

Based in Québec, Canada since 1825, Davie is a world-class designer and builder of specialist, mission-critical ships such as icebreakers, ferries and warships for government and commercial customers. Davie became a partner in the Government of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy on April 4, 2023. This historic agreement is for the design and construction of the largest and most technologically advanced ships ever constructed in and for Canada. The initial $8.5 billion package of work includes seven heavy icebreakers and two large hybrid-powered ferries. Davie is part of the Groupe Davie, which acquired Finland’s Helsinki Shipyard, the world leader in icebreaker design and construction in November 2023. Find out more at davie.ca and helsinkishipyard.fi.

For further information, please contact: Marcel Poulin Director, External Affairs and Industrial Participation, Davie marcel.poulin@davie.ca +1 581 992-8564


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