Daily Laughing Promotes Healthy Mental Health and Loving Body Wellness with Sunkist Pistachio Milk

Laughter is a free therapy to a person’s mental health because your brain releases the happy hormone called “endorphins” that helps relax the stressful mind. Laughing also helps with your face muscles exercise and increase of heart rates to a healthy level that helps build natural immunity and better blood circulation for an overall healthy body and mind.

Moreover, laughter has so many benefits for people in all ages such as mood regulator, great for longevity and helps you burn calories. Laughter can burn as much as ten to forty calories in 10-15 minutes, as it is using your energy to laugh and increases heart rate 10 percent to 20 percent, according to research conducted by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Sunkist promotes people to laugh more by choosing fun hobbies and activities along with choosing healthy alternative pistachio milk that is lower in calories, rich in calcium, fiber and vitamin E. Sunkist Pistachio Milk is available in 5 flavors include Original, Unsweetened, Chocolate, Thai Tea, and Banana Puree in 180ml size (3 cartons/pack) at 59 baht, and 946ml size at 99 baht. Sunkist pistachio milk is available for online shopping at LINE Official: @Heritagethailand, Shopee: Heritage Official, Lazada and JD Central: Heritage. For more information please call 02-813-0954-5 or visit Sunkist’s activities at www.heritagethailand.com, www.facebook.com/SunkistTH and IG:sunkistthailand