Cwallet & Microcosm Labs Deepen Ties to Empower TON Growth

VILNIUS, Lithuania, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The TON ecosystem is experiencing a surge in popularity, with its total value locked (TVL) reaching an impressive $407 million. Cwallet, a long-time supporter of the TON blockchain, is at the forefront of this innovation. Their deep partnership with Microcosm Labs and the success of their Lucky Box initiative solidifies Cwallet’s position as a leader in the TON landscape.

The success of the Lucky Box campaign in lash month extends beyond the initial program. Building on this momentum, Cwallet plans to integrate its versatile Lucky Box tool into a broader range of TON SocialFi and GameFi projects, injecting new dynamics and innovative gameplay into the ecosystem. This will further propel the growth of the TON ecosystem by fostering deeper engagement within these projects.

Cwallet & Microcosm Labs
Cwallet & Microcosm Labs

The Lucky Box campaign, a joint effort between Cwallet and Microcosm Labs, was a resounding success. Over 13,920 participants created Lucky Boxes, generating a staggering 160,000 redemptions. This initiative effectively promoted Cwallet’s capabilities and highlighted the TON ecosystem’s immense potential.

Cwallet’s commitment to the TON ecosystem goes even further. They intend to collaborate with TONUP, Microcosm Labs’ LaunchPad platform, leveraging their Lucky Box tools and expertise to boost engagement within TONUP’s diverse projects, such as PIG OF TON, MOMO AI, and BOOM UP.

As an early supporter of the TON blockchain, Cwallet has consistently championed the ecosystem’s development, and trusted by millions of users worldwide. Cwallet’s focus on security, usability, and rich functionality has brought a wealth of possibilities to the TON landscape.

Looking ahead, Cwallet is committed to deepening its partnership with Microcosm Labs, utilizing the “Move to TON Grants” program to develop innovative features and engaging activities. This dedication will further enrich the TON ecosystem while providing users  an unparalleled experience. Cwallet remains a driving force behind the evolution and success of the TON ecosystem, explore their latest campaign now!

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