Cremo Teams Up with Chuang Asia, Celebrating the Culmination of Youthful Dreams

BANGKOK, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The curtain has fallen on Chuang Asia, as nine ambitious trainees emerged victorious from rigorous auditions to form a dazzling debut group, encapsulating the spirit of youth, aspirations, and perseverance. Throughout this inspiring journey, Cremo, the Thai ice cream brand under the umbrella of Yili Group, played a supportive role, accompanying the trainees as they chased their dreams and underwent remarkable transformations. Simultaneously, Cremo capitalized on this collaboration to project its vibrant, youthful brand identity to viewers worldwide.

Cremo’s short film with buzzworthy trainees
Cremo’s short film with buzzworthy trainees

Cremo ingeniously tapped into contemporary youth culture, enlisting C-position winner Qiao Yiyu and other buzzworthy trainees to star in short films that seamlessly integrated Cremo into the show’s aesthetic and narrative. Like a compassionate companion, Cremo was ever-present, cheering on the trainees during intense rehearsals and shining alongside them under the bright stage lights.

 Cremo’s digital presence thrived during the show, igniting unprecedented enthusiasm in the Thai market. On its official Facebook page, the brand launched fan-centric initiatives, rewarding active engagement with finale tickets and exclusive merchandise, fostering a sense of connection between fans and their beloved trainees. Concurrently, TikTok influencers raved about Cremo’s Choco Crush ice cream, lauding its multi-layers and indulgent chocolate fusion.

Beyond the online activities, Cremo brought the thrill to Bangkok’s 7-Eleven stores through vibrant theme-based roadshows. These events drew crowds eager to taste the latest offerings and savor the delightful refreshment that Cremo ice cream provides. Enthusiastic word-of-mouth reviews swiftly propelled Cremo’s innovative products into the hearts and homes of countless Thai consumers.

Consumers enjoying Cremo's roadshows at 7-Eleven stores
Consumers enjoying Cremo’s roadshows at 7-Eleven stores

Since its introduction in Thailand, Cremo has consistently diversified its portfolio, now offering a delightful array of ice cream formats, such as popsicles, cups, family packs, and crunchy cones. Following Yili Group’s acquisition in 2021, Cremo has maintained an industry-leading pace of market share growth for three straight years. This year’s collaboration with Chuang Asia has further reinforced Cremo’s image as a dynamic, vivacious brand. With the backing of Yili Group’s global resources, Cremo is poised to drive ongoing product innovation, delivering exceptional quality, delectable treats, and an invigorating brand experience to an ever-expanding consumer base.

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