Busan, the Ultimate Seaside Bleisure City

BUSAN, South Korea, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — If one wants to make the best of a business trip by getting work done while also being able to enjoy oneself as a reward for hard work, one will want to prepare an itinerary so that it is packed full of activities and fun. One will also want to have the time and energy to enjoy that itinerary. There is just the place where all of this can be done: a place with a highly developed and varied business infrastructure, where just a stroll from the heart of the city gets one to a sandy beach with blue water gliding into infinity. One will find the MICE city of Busan to be an ideal destination for a summer workation. This summer, if looking for the perfect blend of work and play, getting oneself to Busan is recommended.

Busan, the Ultimate Seaside Bleisure City ⓒBusan Tourism Organization
Busan, the Ultimate Seaside Bleisure City ⓒBusan Tourism Organization

Starting Your Itinerary at BEXCO

BEXCO is an exhibition and convention center in Busan that is rarely missed by business travelers. If you are in Busan on business, perhaps it is some event at BEXCO that brought you there. As the city’s premier convention center, BEXCO has been pivotal in establishing Busan as a global MICE destination. Busan owes a great deal to BEXCO due to its hosting of some of the city’s most important international conferences. Opening with the inaugural Busan International Mobility Show in 2001, BEXCO has helped bring a significant number of major international MICE events to Busan. It is recognized for its extensive expertise in events catering to international crowds and for its role as a crucial partner to Busan’s tourism industry. Approximately 3.5 million people visit BEXCO every year. A third exhibition hall at BEXCO is under construction, slated to be opened in 2027. Once it does, BEXCO is expected to be able to host even bigger events for Busan.

A Shopping Haven

Busan offers some of the best shopping available in Asia, if not the entire world. In Busan, you will find Shinsegae Department Store Centum City, the largest department store in the planet, and its neighboring Lotte Department Store Centum City, which is packed with shoppers from around the world all year-round. Home to popular and luxury brands from around the globe, the two department stores are recognized as prime complex cultural spaces for the art, culture, entertainment, and fine dining they offer.

BEXCO, Shinsegae Department Store Centum City, and Lotte Department Store Centum City are all located in HAEVENUE(Haeundae International Conference Complex). This setup provides business travelers with the convenience of enjoying fun shopping right after their international conference or business event.

Luxury Hotels for the Ideal Workation

Haeundae in Busan is renowned for its array of 5-star hotels that offer stunning views of the nearby sea. These hotels are known for their excellent transportation links, cleanliness, and friendly services. Among these, Signiel Busan stands out as a landmark within the LCT Tower. Guests here can enjoy breathtaking ocean views of Haeundae and the nightscape of Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Additionally, Signiel Busan provides customized convention spaces, making it an ideal venue for MICE events.

Park Hyatt Busan, located right next to the Busan Yachting Center, is a prime option if you are looking to enjoy some marine leisure sports during your visit to Busan. Additionally, guests here can relax in rooms offering panoramic views of Gwangandaegyo Bridge and the yacht marina. You can also take the elevator to the high-floor dining room to enjoy Park Hyatt’s signature Korean cuisine.

HAEVENUE, extending from Centum City to Nurimaru APEC House to Haeundae Beach, boasts an assortment of business infrastructures and five luxury hotels, such as the aforementioned Signiel Busan and Park Hyatt. Choose the hotel that best suits your needs and make your stay in Busan an unforgettable one.

A MICE City That You Will Want to Revisit

Long renowned as a resort city for its vibrant culture and scenic views, Busan is now rising as a premier marine bleisure city. Due to its dynamic offerings, including diverse exhibitions, conventions, luxurious shopping, hotels, and exciting marine leisure activities, your summer workation in Busan will be the experience of a lifetime.

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