Built on Base, Unite Launches L3 Testnet for Mass-Market Mobile Gaming in Collaboration with Syndicate

  • Built on Coinbase’s Layer-2 blockchain, Base, and OP Stack, Unite unveils its L3 Alpha Testnet as the first milestone to kick off the development of its main scaling solution.
  • The Alpha Testnet allows Unite to start testing SDKs in its mobile games to connect to the L3.
  • Syndicate is supporting Unite with the development of its L3 chain.

SINGAPORE, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Unite, a Singapore based mass-market onchain mobile gaming infrastructure solution, announces the launch of its L3 blockchain Alpha Testnet. Built on Coinbase’s Layer-2 blockchain, Base, and OP Stack, Alpha Testnet is a pivotal component of Unite’s L3 chain solution, designed to support the large-scale onboarding of mobile games and users onchain.

Unite Alpha Testnet powered by Base, OP and Syndicate
Unite Alpha Testnet powered by Base, OP and Syndicate

Backed by Coinbase Ventures, OKX ventures, Solana Ventures, Superlayer, and other investors, Unite is transforming the onchain gaming landscape into a scalable, user and developer-friendly environment that fosters sustainable growth through its end-to-end solution.

The Unite L3 Alpha Testnet is the first piece of this comprehensive solution. It kicks off the development of Unite’s main scaling strategy. The Testnet allows Unite to start testing its existing live mobile games (available on Apple and Google app stores) SDKs to connect to the L3. Also, building on top of technology provided by Syndicate, Unite’s solutions will support the relaying of state data across chains as well as the offchain to onchain data transmission, gasless onboarding and gaming experiences, and more.

“This is the first step in using the testnet on Base and OP stack rollups to power the smart contracts of the Unite games natively on the L3. It allows us to build the main scaling solution for large-scale users. Leveraging the foundation of Base and technology from Syndicate, the Unite L3 chain solution is off to a great start, however the overall gaming infrastructure cannot be built without the support of the community, which we will continue to engage with” said Mike Li, Head of technology at Unite.

Built on the leading Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain network Base, Unite L3 chain would significantly benefit from Base’s scalable optimistic rollup technology, easy development compatible with EVM and low transaction cost. Base provided a concrete foundation for Unite to further scale and integrate its L3 into the full package offer, which includes Unite Oracle Nodes, Mobile Game Service SDKs, Mobile Wallet SDKs, and its mobile decentralized physical infrastructure (DePin).

“We’re excited Unite is launching Alpha Testnet on Base and expanding the potential of the mobile gaming economy. Base gives builders an avenue to easily create and do more onchain, and Unite is on the forefront of enabling the gaming industry to deliver onchain benefits to consumers,” said Jesse Pollak, Creator of Base.

The Unite L3 chain strategy from economics to implementation has been developed with the expertise of Syndicate, the infrastructure company behind L3 chains such as Degen Chain, Ham Chain, Gold Chain, and more. The Unite team and Syndicate are working together to continuously and regularly release updates of the Testnet. The future beta version of the Testnet will feature early versions of state-of-the-art sequencer technology along with Unite Oracle Nodes for the mobile gaming infrastructure.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Unite on the future of onchain mobile gaming. Unite’s L3, combined with its veteran team, mobile games SDKs, and Syndicate’s next-generation L3 infrastructure, represents the future for how Ethereum will scale and onboard millions of players onchain in the coming years,” said Ian Lee, Co-Founder of Syndicate.

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About Unite
Unite is on a mission to build the first Layer 3 blockchain solution for mass-market mobile games, targeting the 2.8 billion players and the $90 billion revenue generated from the mobile game market. Focused on enhancing player experience with in-game earning capabilities, Unite offers a comprehensive L3 solution encompassing chain, client, ecosystem and establishing a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePin) built on billions of daily active mobile devices worldwide.

Founded by veterans in mobile, gaming and onchain infrastructure who served as founders and executives of some of the biggest names, Unite is leading the innovation to the mobile games.

For more information, visit Unite’s official website, follow us on X, and join the Unite Discord community.

About Syndicate
Syndicate provides developers, platforms, and communities with the tools and infrastructure to build powerful onchain products, experiences, and economies at scale. Backed by Andresseen Horowitz, IDEO, Electric Capital, Variant, Coinbase, Kleiner Perkins, and more, learn more about Syndicate by following @syndicateio on X or @syndicate on Farcaster, or at syndicate.io.


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