Breaking Boundaries: SUNLU Unveils Diverse 3D Printing Material Innovations at TCT Asia 2024

ZHONGSHAN, China, May 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From May 7th to May 9th, 2024, TCT ASIA 2024 was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. As a global summit for 3D printing technology, this exhibition brought together numerous industry elites and research experts to explore the forefront of digital manufacturing technology.


At this technological feast, SUNLU, a rapidly developing player in the 3D printing industry, showcased multiple innovative materials and electronic products, demonstrating its outstanding achievements in additive manufacturing. Positioned at 8E22, SUNLU attracted a large number of visitors with its unique booth design, and the display of various products sparked enthusiastic responses.

Jack Jiang, SUNLU’s General Manager, stated, “As experts in 3D printing, SUNLU has always adhered to our core concept of ‘Technology Simplifies Creation,’ focusing on users and continuously pursuing excellent product quality. Our latest innovations are based on in-depth insights into user and market needs, aiming to bring users a better experience.”

Let’s delve into SUNLU’s latest offerings:

Reusable Spools

Addressing a common frustration among 3D printing users–the handling of empty spools– SUNLU unveiled reusable spools following in-depth market research and technical analysis, providing a new solution for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Designed with sustainability in focus, these spools feature advanced materials and optimized structures for reuse, equipped with weight markings, large visual labels, and durability, effectively reducing spatial waste and enhancing material management efficiency. Additionally, perforations on the spools enhance drying for better filament quality.

High-Speed Filaments

With fast printing becoming a mainstream trend in 3D printers, the quality and efficiency of printing materials must also improve. SUNLU promptly responded to market demands for higher-performing filaments with its High-Speed Series Filaments: High-Speed PLA, High-Speed ABS, and High-Speed PETG. Capable of accommodating printing speeds up to 600mm/s without compromising precision, these filaments promise superior print quality while maintaining the advantages of general filaments, such as PLA’s compatibility, ABS’s toughness, and PETG’s resilience, significantly boosting both efficiency and user satisfaction.

Functional Filaments

With 3D printing transcending boundaries into diverse sectors like lifestyle, education, art, and culture, SUNLU debuted a suite of functional filaments tailored to these expanding needs. This includes flexible TPU, UV/rain/heat-resistant ASA, Easy PA for high-strength components, lightweight yet sturdy PLA Carbon Fiber, and Anti-String PLA for a smooth surface finish. These filaments broaden the application spectrum and fuel creativity across industries.

Present for now, promising for the future. A successful conclusion also heralds a brand new beginning. Bolstered by a decade of manufacturing and R&D experience, and a global leadership position in material sales reaching over 150 countries, SUNLU looks ahead with a commitment to fostering a brighter technological future. Rooted in innovation, we pledge to continue offering top-quality 3D printing materials, equipment, and solutions. Anticipation runs high for the next encounter where SUNLU will undoubtedly shine anew!

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