BLUETTI EP760 Achieves CEC Approval, Enhancing Its Appeal in Australia

SYDNEY, June 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BLUETTI, a pioneer in clean energy storage solutions, has achieved a significant milestone in the Australian market. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has added the BLUETTI EP760 to its approved product list, marking it as a top-tier, modular single-phase residential energy storage solution.

“CEC certification is the gold standard in Australia’s clean energy sector, signifying that our product has met stringent safety and compliance tests,” said James Ray, head of marketing at BLUETTI. “This endorsement provides our Australian customers confidence in the EP760’s safety and reliability.”

Introducing the BLUETTI EP760 Energy Storage System

The CEC-approved EP760 inverter, when paired with multiple B500 batteries, forms a customizable home battery system. This setup ensures reliable backup during outages and optimizes energy consumption.

Power the Entire Home

The EP760 boasts a 7.6kW output, capable of powering virtually all household appliances, including EVs, coffee makers, refrigerators, and more. Whether the grid is operational or not, the EP760 ensures continuous power supply, making it ideal for households seeking energy independence.

Save on Energy Bills and Worries

With customizable capacity options from 9.9kWh to 19.8kWh, the EP760 allows users to store significant amounts of solar energy at a maximum speed of 9,000W, or efficiently store off-peak grid power. This stored energy can significantly cut energy bills by supplying power during high-tariff periods or overnight. With a 10ms switch-over time, the EP760 guarantees an uninterrupted power supply the EP760 guarantees an uninterrupted power supply, offering peace of mind during power outages.

Easy Path to Go Solar

With an IP65 dustproof and water-resistant rating. Its plug-and-play design ensures a straightforward setup, complemented by an intuitive app for remote monitoring and control. A 10-year warranty further ensures the system’s durability and reliability.

Promoting Green Energy

The EP760’s efficient energy conversion technology maximizes the use of renewable energy, reducing reliance on traditional power sources. 


Dedicated to a sustainable future, BLUETTI offers affordable green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Through initiatives like the Lighting An African Family (LAAF) program, BLUETTI has empowered over 100,000 African families in off-grid regions. With a commitment to innovation and customer needs, BLUETTI has established itself as a trusted industry leader in over 100 countries worldwide.

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