Bloomage Details Low-carbon Transformation Results at the Second Shanghai Carbon Neutrality Expo

PARSIPPANY, N.J., June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — L’Oréal, under the “BEAUTY FOR THE PLANET” theme, showcased its carbon reduction strategies and sustainability achievements at the Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo in Technologies, Products and Achievements (Carbon Neutrality Expo), a platform for displaying green and low-carbon technologies and products.

L’Oréal was the only consumer products company named as an exemplary case in the “Second Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo Green Low-Carbon Supply Chain Case Collection.” Having appeared at Shanghai Carbon Neutrality Expo for two consecutive years, L’Oréal demonstrated its strong commitment to driving carbon reduction across its entire supply chain and value chain.

L’Oréal jointly presented its milestones with eight strategic suppliers who have contributed to building a sustainable and mutually beneficial shared value ecosystem. Bloomage was among those invited. At the event, Bloomage shared its extensive experience in energy conservation and carbon reduction implementations.

Sustainable development has become a mandatory element for all enterprises amid accelerating climate change. In line with this trend, Bloomage has championed sustainable innovation and eco-friendly development to reduce carbon output. The company has prioritized the research and development (R&D) and adoption of low-carbon technologies at the organizational and product levels, enhancing sustainability throughout its operations and product chain.

At the organizational level, Bloomage has established a comprehensive ESG management system that targets pressing climate change issues. The company offers sustainability-focused training programs to help raise awareness for employees and partners. Additionally, Bloomage manages data using advanced digital tools, such as energy management platforms and online carbon emission data collection tools.

To date, Bloomage has conducted greenhouse gas inventory across the entire group for two consecutive years and has engaged third-party agencies for auditing. Furthermore, Bloomage has participated in CDP ratings, Ecovadis surveys, and has published a new Sustainability Report in 2024 to supplement its annual Social Responsibility Reports for greater transparency and accountability.

Resource and energy management is a critical part of Bloomage’s sustainability strategy. The company follows the “Green Factory” concept, striving to enhance and optimize production automation, process intensification, waste resource utilization, low-carbon energy, and sourcing eco-friendly raw materials. Moreover, Bloomage is steadily increasing its use of renewable energy.

Specific practices include using biogas generated from anaerobic sewage treatment for power generation, collecting heat from bio-fermentation for heating and hot water supply, installing rooftop photovoltaics, and offsetting energy use in certain production processes with biomass thermal energy. These technologies have been widely implemented at Bloomage’s various sites, including the Jinan factory, which has been recognized for its sustainability features.

Bloomage rigorously manages and evaluates every step of its products’ lifecycle to increase its overall sustainability capabilities and awareness. The company aims to lower its products’ environmental impact by improving production design, reducing raw material usage, optimizing procurement, and enhancing resource efficiency. For example, Bloomage purchases raw and auxiliary materials certified for recycling, organic, sustainable forestry, and other sustainability standards.

Regarding waste recycling, Bloomage actively engages in strategic cooperation to manage closed-loop recycling at the end of the product’s lifecycle. Bloomage continues to repurpose waste perlite and sludge from production into building materials at cement plants, reducing waste while creating greater value for other industries.

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