BatteroTech Mercury Super-charging: Adding a Cross-provincial Range During Coffee Break

JIAXING, China, July 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “Range anxiety” and “long charging time” have compromised the driving experience of new energy vehicles for a long time, which spurred customer demands to “charge the electric vehicles within a short time”. In answer to such critical pain points, BatteroTech brought forth its Mercury super-charging batteries. A more comfortable driving journey is enabled by its capability to add a “400km range with 10min charging”. To put it simply, you can effortlessly drive your recharged vehicle to another province right after your coffee break.

01 The next-generation Mercury super-charging has emerged as a well-timed solution, adding a “cross-provincial range during a coffee break”

The super-charging battery cell will be a critical battleground for battery manufacturers in 2024. BatteroTech debuted its “Twin-star” battery portfolio designed based on the new materials systems back in 2022, being a four-pronged solution that ensures steady safety, a long driving range, efficient fast charging, and excellent overall performance. 

The updated product of “Twin-star” Super-charging, known as the Mercury Super-charging battery, was creatively launched by BatteroTech in response to diverse market demands. Specifically, it is characterized by 4C super-charging within 10min, more efficient than the previous 15min 3C fast-charging performance. The vehicle can be recharged as fast as gas-filling, balancing a long range with high safety performance, and adding a 400km range with 10-minute charging. The desirable charging experience that “ensures a cross-provincial range within a coffee break” thus unfolds with lasting satisfaction.  

Lithium ions cannot be swiftly inserted and will leach on the anode surface when regular battery cells fast charge. The majority of leached lithium ions become spent, reducing the battery capacity, compromising the cycle life, and posing safety risks. Under low-temperature environments, the lithium-ion conduction capability of such battery cells deteriorates, and the fast-charging efficiency decreases as well.   

To fast charge electric vehicles by settling the technical difficulties, BatteroTech researched and developed technical structures, namely Speedy Lithium-ion Transfer, Lightning-speed Pathway, and Rock Framework, contributing innovative outcomes in multiple materials links.

02 The “Dark horse” product delivers super-charging performance at the industry forefront with all-round innovations under low temperatures

Concerning the anode structure, BatteroTech’s Mercury polycrystalline framework and graphite coated by fast ion conductors added the paths for intercalating lithium ions into the anode smoothly and swiftly. The isomeric pole pieces and clusters of flooded batteries were employed to design correspondent anode pole piece structures based on the lithium-ion concentration levels in different areas of the anode. This helps retain more electrolytes and lithium ions and pave a better way for the speedy migration of lithium ions.

In terms of the cathode structure, core-shell particles and graded particles used by BatteroTech delivered a lean design at the nanoparticle level and reduced the threshold of lithium-ion deintercalation from the cathode. In particular, the energy barrier for lithium-ion deintercalation from the cathode in low-temperature environments was brought down, indirectly elevating the deintercalation abilities of lithium ions.   

Regarding electrolytes, high-throughput film formation and full-domain low viscosity significantly abated the resistance of movement of lithium ions from the cathode to anode and under low-temperature environments in electrolytes and thus enabled their free electrophoresis. Consequently, the Mercury battery cells can be supercharged across all ranges of use temperatures.

Besides, as massive heat is generated by battery cells in fast-charging, the Mercury Lightning-speed Pathway applied the cross-linked grid, cathode carbon coating nanotechnology, low-resistance coating, and two-directional conductive foil to the anode. The optimal pathway of structural parts and current collectors got designed using simulation. As a result, 20% of the spare parts were streamlined and the number of physical transmission paths was reduced, elevating the safety and reliability of battery cells by minimizing impedance and reducing thermal production.

The Rock Framework was researched and developed by BatteroTech to further guarantee the safety of Mercury battery cells. The coating separator of high safety, the high resistance insulation layer, and high-impedance protective films of welding imprints were used in an integrated manner. This can forestall the generation of burrs in the process and any internal short-circuits caused by the burrs piercing through the separator, making the batteries safer and more reliable on a full scale.   

BatteroTech highlights balancing product performance with manufacturing costs by introducing cooled system products at the bottom of the super-charging battery and on the battery side surface. On the system front, such super-charging thermal management technology features higher cost-effectiveness. The Mercury super-charging technology keeps the highest cell temperature during charging within 45℃ under normal temperatures, shielding the battery cycle life. Its efficiency can rival that of the large-surface cell cooling technology. Additionally, the volume integration efficiency of the battery system has increased by 5%, while the costs of thermal management and system parts have been cut by 5%, showcasing a higher mechanical strength and reliability.

BatteroTech pioneered in charging the vehicle to 80%SOC within 10min and keeping a 20-80%SOC for the vehicle within 30min charging under the -20℃ low-temperature environments, pacesetting the new energy industry with its innovative technologies. Drivers can thus be reassured when driving their electric vehicles under low-temperature and even extremely cold circumstances. Meanwhile, the riding experience for both drivers and passengers is fully elevated.

Drivers can now wait for a shorter time when charging their vehicles with lithium iron phosphate batteries whose long charging time as the pain point is settled and edges of superior safety, low cost, and long cycle life are harvested. Electric power and the well-being of the driver are recharged at the same time during a coffee break, preparing for the next journey with ease.  

03 Multifaceted Strengths Unveil the Fast-charging Trend

Battery manufacturers can grow more prudently with premium and stable supplies of lithium resources. Therefore, it is worth noting that BatteroTech enjoys the dual strength of source and cost in raw materials as a subsidiary of Tsingshan Industry.

Fueled by the synergy of demand and production capacity, BatteroTech will conclude its Phase-III 45GWh production line in 2024 and anticipate delivering a total of 79GWh production capacity. Its Mercury 4C fast-charging battery will be put into mass production by the end of 2024 by the actual capacity release pace.

“Coffee break” fast-charging marks the brand-new trend of adding a 400km range with 10min charging. New energy vehicle drivers will be no longer held back by “range anxiety” and can access the freedom of mobility once predominated by conventional gasoline cars. The emergence of BatteroTech Mercury Super-charging technology presents new business opportunities for the new energy vehicle sector. More importantly, it breathes refreshing power into the sustainable growth of global green energies.

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BatteroTech Co., Ltd. is a lithium battery manufacturer dedicated in the new energy industry which is invested by Tsingshan Industry, one of the Fortune 500 companies.

BatteroTech is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and marketing of lithium batteries, battery modules, battery systems, etc. and committed to providing world-class solutions and services for new energy vehicle manufacturers and electric power investors who aim to achieve the goal of “Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality”. The company has set up R&D centers and manufacturing bases respectively located in Shanghai and Jiashan.

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