Asia Green Fund U.S.-China Green Fund I Partner Conference 2023 is Successfully Held in Beijing

BEIJING, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Asia Green Fund U.S.-China Green Fund I Partner Conference 2023 was successfully held. Under the theme “Aiming at the Green New Force, Being the Patient Capital”, many investor representatives, portfolio company representatives and industry experts gathered and engaged in deep discussions and exchanges on topics around market and industry changes, capital markets, industry trends, technological innovation and post-investment empowerment.

Bo Bai, Chairman and Founder of Asia Green Fund (AGF), delivered the opening speech, extending a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the attendees. He provided a comprehensive report on the investments and operation status of the U.S.-China Green Fund I, and shared in-depth insights into the key areas of the future investments.

Under the current economic conditions, investment institutions are seeking various exit strategies. Huixing Yang, Chief Financial Officer of AGF, elaborated the company’s exit strategies and plans.

Since its foundation, AGF has actively practiced ESG investment, aiming to fully leverage the green impact investment to empower portfolio companies for high-quality sustainable development. Jin Zhang, Founding Partner of AGF, offered an exhaustive interpretation of the “2023 Green Impact Report” and the “Green Impact Investment System”.

During the roundtable discussion session, Allen Yu, Managing Director of Investments of AGF, moderated a dialogue with four distinguished guests: Kavin Li, Founder and Chairman of MojiaBio; Qingxin Liao, CEO and Founder of Horen Group; Yanping Xiang, Co-Founder and Machine Intelligence Scientist of AICT; and Zhixin Yao, Executive Director of East Low Carbon. They shared experiences and innovation practices in their respective sub-industries and discussed the achievements in carbon neutrality under the theme “Green Technology Innovation, Advancing the Carbon Neutrality Process”.

As the conference’s theme “Aiming at the Green New Force, Being the Patient Capital” reflects, AGF will continue to focus on long-term investments, providing stable capital support for technological innovation, traditional industry upgrades, and the cultivation of new industries, thus promoting high-quality sustainable development of China’s emerging productive forces.

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