Alpha X to Make Its Debut at SEMICON SEA 2024 with Cutting-Edge AI-Driven Manufacturing Solutions

SINGAPORE and KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Alpha X, an innovative high-tech manufacturing technology company, is set to unveil its revolutionary AI-driven manufacturing solutions at the upcoming SEMICON Southeast Asia from May 28-30 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event will mark the debut of Alpha X’s Singapore company and the first release of its highly anticipated solutions, including the Factory Automation Solution, the AI-driven Digitalization Solution, and the Logistics Automation Solution.

“Through our innovative approaches, we aim to drive AI and industrial automation integration, lead industry innovation, shape the future of intelligent systems, and promote sustainable development,” said Leon Chan, CEO of Alpha X.

Alpha X’s Factory Automation Solution streamlines factory operations, including production, transportation, and storage. It tackles issues like complex processes slowing down production, inconsistent quality control, and high maintenance costs. By integrating various systems, the solution boosts production efficiency and stability, shortens production cycles, ensures timely deliveries, improves quality control to lower defect rates, and cuts labour and maintenance expenses.

Alpha X’s other solution that will create sustained value for factories is its AI-Driven Digitalization Solution designed to enhance factory operations. This innovative approach focuses on improving data-driven decision-making, offering in-depth analysis of process issues, and increasing operational transparency through advanced AI modelling. It’s particularly beneficial for factories struggling with data quality control, model accuracy, and adaptability to changes in recipes and work regimes. Additionally, it addresses the shortage of skilled professionals and bridges the gap between models for production performance and tool health. The solution promises to boost quality and efficiency, lower costs, as well as reduce storage and pollution. Factories can expect up to a 12% improvement in model accuracy and a 10% extension in the lifespan of key components.

In the semiconductor industry, handling critical materials demands high standards of cleanliness, stability, and efficiency. Alpha X’s Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) addresses these challenges in semiconductor factories. It boosts manufacturing efficiency, increases product yield, cuts labour costs, enhances production flexibility, and improves safety. With AMHS, factories can see a 5% increase in overall efficiency, a 1% rise in product yield, and a 99% reduction in errors caused by manual handling.

To learn more about Alpha X’s AI-driven manufacturing solutions, visit booth 3737 at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre from May 28-30, or visit and

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