Accelerating Sustainability: Aion’s Green Innovation in Supporting the Electric Vehicle Industry in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Demand towards electric vehicles in Indonesia significantly grew in the past few years, according to the trends shift towards energy-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. The Indonesian government responds positively by planning subsidies for electric vehicles purchase, with a target to reach 2.5 million users by 2025. As a forefront automotive company, Aion is constantly innovating to provide solutions in smart driving (intelligent companion) for users. Aion continues to strengthen its presence in the domestic automotive industry by partnering with PT Indomobil Energi Baru (Indomobil) to introduce Aion for Indonesia.

Aion is at the forefront of technology innovation and smart manufacturing practices.
Aion is at the forefront of technology innovation and smart manufacturing practices.

In order to fulfill the demand for a more exciting and environmentally friendly driving experience, Aion is committed to continuously providing technology that is one step ahead. One proof of this commitment is the establishment of the Aion Smart Manufacturing Center in Guangzhou, China, which began operations in 2019, with four technological advantages supporting the acceleration of Aion electric car production and contributing to the sustainability agenda.

The Aion Smart Manufacturing features world-leading flexible steel and aluminum facilities.

The main excellence of Aion Smart Manufacturing Center is its flexibility in producing car bodies from steel and aluminum, utilizing innovative technologies such as aluminum rivet exchange and spot welding, as well as mixed production lines, resulting in higher quality and safer car bodies made from lightweight materials. Aion also focuses on designing future car bodies that are safer and lighter by combining high-strength steel and optimal structural design.

Aion has been a pioneer in switching rivet aluminum and spot welding technologies, implementing digital quality monitoring to ensure better quality and safety of car bodies. Additionally, its advanced technology enables quick switching between steel spot welding and aluminum drilling, allowing the production of 10 types of car bodies in various styles and materials through the same line. Aion also introduces the world’s first intelligent aluminum hemming system, achieving a 100% hemming qualification level.

Manufacture with the world’s leading automatic digitization facilities.

Aion’s automatic digital factory is the first in China to use a global cloud data platform to analyse and make decision for production process,  thus increase production efficiency and quality control to produce leading products. The approach for this smart manufacture is equipped with engine performance that similar to human intelligence in terms of data collection, analysis, and decision making.

Aion green factory/manufacture is also facilitated by intelligence that utilizes data categorization technology and innovative distributed server. Aion has reached the forefront level of network and acquisition speed in the industry, Where all the work commands are reported digitally, making Aion a benchmark for 5G based Internet factories in Guangdong Province. Furthermore, Aion’s pioneering 5G+ online fuel monitoring technology ensures continuous monitoring and timely detection of lubrication/hydraulic failures, effectively preventing equipment damage.

The Aion Factory/ Manufacture with the world’s leading interactive customization system.

Aion’s smart ecology factory is the first of its kind in the world, where the facility of this technology allows the users to be deeply involved in terlibat secara mendalam dalam the process of selecting designs and manufacturing cars, enjoying a personalized experience and creating their own vehicles.

The efficiency of interactive customization has increased by 35% following the capacity expansion. Through the Aion App, users can now enjoy a more interactive, immersive, and seamless customization experience. Additionally, through the transparent workshop, customers can observe the real-time production process of customizable vehicles. Aion’s production methods, combining smart manufacturing, ensure interactive customized production, while the world’s first rapid color change system and transparent digital production process enhance customized production efficiency by up to 35%.

The Aion ecological Factory leveraging comprehensive energy

Aion’s leading ecological factory leverages energy comprehensively and is the first of its kind in the world. The clean energy it produces contributes about 15% of its total power consumption. This plant employs more sustainable processes, using greener materials to demonstrate Aion’s tangible contribution to the environment and sustainable development goals. It harnesses sustainable solar energy with 52,000 photovoltaic panels, generating 16.77 million kWh per year, utilizing energy-saving technology with recycled batteries, as well as a hybrid wind and solar lighting system.

In addition, Aion factory use advanced environmental protection steps, such as  sound insulation and green film processes, contributing to emission reduction and promoting environmental harmony. Advanced technologies such as continuous tempering and automatic spraying are further efforts by Aion to improve energy efficiency, which is a clear manifestation of Aion’s commitment to overall ecological responsibility.

“In line with Indomobil Group’s commitment and active corporate role in reducing carbon emissions, we are proud to collaborate with Aion as one of the three electric vehicle manufacturers in the world that has a real contribution to the environment and ecology as a whole. In the future, we hope that Aion can also make a real impact on the Indonesian environment through their innovation and commitment,” concluded Andry Ciu, CEO of PT Indomobil Energi Baru.

About GAC Aion

GAC Aion is one of the prominent brands in the automotive industry, known because of its innovation, technical excellence and commitment to sustainability. With focus on quality, safety, and superior user experiences, GAC Aion continues to be the first option for drivers around the world.

GAC Aion proudly announces that its brand has achieved first place award from JD Power China. GAC Aion has ranked first as the electric vehicle brand with the best quality. This is based on the China Vehicle Quality Reporting Guidelines covered in the Motor Vehicle Product Safety – Risk Assessment Guidelines.

Rankings given by Aqisqauto include a comprehensive report on five main topics: error reporting, error risk, reliability, safety, and environmental preservation. This shows that GAC Aion has succeeded in all measured aspects, affirming its reputation as a brand that not only prioritizes quality, but also safety and sustainability..

All this achievement proves that 1 million unit sales can be retrieved in only 4 years 8 months from 2019 until December 2023. GAC Aion also ranked third in the world as the best electric vehicle in the world.

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