SHANGHAI, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lately, NETA Automobile celebrated a significant milestone as its 400,000th mass-produced vehicle, the NETA L, officially rolled off the assembly line at the NETA’s ecological smart factory in Tongxiang. This achievement marks NETA’s ascent to a new level in production volume.

NETA’s 400,000th mass-produced vehicle rolled off
NETA’s 400,000th mass-produced vehicle rolled off

NETA has always adhered to a user-centered approach, with Tech for All as its core philosophy and mission, making popularizer of smart EV. Reaching the milestone of the 400,000th mass-produced vehicle signifies a pivotal moment in NETA’s overall development in 2024.

NETA’s 400,000th mass-produced vehicle rolled off
NETA’s 400,000th mass-produced vehicle rolled off

The 400,000th mass-produced vehicle for NETA is the latest model NETA L. Positioned as the preferred choice for young families, the NETA L boasts a complete set of “TV, refrigerator, and sofa” within its interior, making it the only model in its class to feature all three elements. In terms of battery, the NETA L pure electric version is equipped with CATL’s high-performance long-life L series power battery.

In terms of appearance, the NETA L features excellent proportions, with a dynamic and sleek overall posture. The dimensions of the car body are 4770x1900x1660mm in length, width, and height, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2810mm. The new car will bring comprehensive upgrades in performance, space, comfort, safety, and economy to users. To meet different travel needs, the NETA L offers two power types: pure electric and extended range, with the extended range version adopting HOZI Technology.

Leveraging NETA’s ecological smart factory in Tongxiang, construction of the Tongxiang Second Final Assembly Plant commenced in January 2024 and is slated for production startup in May. With this expansion, NETA’s annual production capacity in Tongxiang is expected to surpass 200,000 vehicles.

Site plan of NETA's ecological smart factory in Tongxiang
Site plan of NETA’s ecological smart factory in Tongxiang

NETA keeps growing its influence internationally and extending its global reach. As of now, NETA has entered markets in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries, leading sales in the Southeast Asian market, and expanding into Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and other markets. It is planned that by 2024, NETA will have a presence in 60 countries and regions in overseas markets, with five models being sold in 50 countries worldwide through over 300 channels.

With steady progress, NETA has demonstrated its commitment to “safety, technology, and intelligence.” By 2026, NETA Auto will transition from being an automotive manufacturer to emerging as a global high-tech company, with a dedicated focus on reaching an ambitious annual sales target of one million vehicles worldwide.

About NETA Auto

NETA Auto, a brand of Hozon New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hozon), is a leading innovator in the smart electric vehicle industry. With a focus on “Tech for all” and “Make intelligent EVs for all,” NETA Auto develops high-quality electric vehicles and cutting-edge technologies. Its lineup includes popular models like NETA GT, NETA S, NETA X, NETA AYA (NETA V-II), and NETA V. NETA Auto is dedicated to the mass consumer market, introducing new models each year and covering the mainstream A0-B segments. The brand has also developed the “Shanhai Platform,” an intelligent and safe car platform, and the HOZI Technology brand, meeting user demands and promoting accessibility to advanced technology.


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