3Degrees launches Supplier REach, an action-oriented renewable energy portal for large companies and their suppliers

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In collaboration with Microsoft, 3Degrees, a leading global climate solutions provider, announced today the official launch of Supplier REach, an innovative tool that enables large companies to activate their suppliers’ renewable energy journeys. Suppliers can evaluate and source high-quality renewable energy to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while demonstrating progress to their referring customer all along the way.

Even though purchasing renewable energy is one of the best first-steps on the GHG reduction path, barriers to forward motion can leave suppliers at a standstill. A first procurement can be complicated: pricing may be opaque, the appropriate choices may not be clear and may vary across geographies, and financial risks may be involved. To keep decarbonization on pace to meet global net zero targets, suppliers of all sizes need to navigate this transition effectively. Supplier REach is a new solution aimed at accelerating renewable energy adoption by helping suppliers overcome these challenges.

Organizations that use Supplier REach will invite their suppliers to join the portal. Within the portal, suppliers can evaluate their options and source high-quality renewable energy tailored to their unique requirements. As needed, they can also access educational resources and reporting tools to build internal alignment around the need to take action. Referring organizations can track their suppliers’ progress toward renewable energy purchases and encourage forward momentum in convenient, customizable ways.

“Renewable energy is often the best way to begin a company’s transition to a lower carbon future. Supplier REach is a purpose-driven platform aimed squarely at enabling that all-important first step for an organization’s suppliers. We’re proud to have Microsoft’s ongoing engagement in the tool’s scope and features, and their support for early supplier releases. We both look forward to welcoming additional referring partners seeking to accelerate supplier adoption of renewable energy.”
Erin Craig, Chief Sustainability Officer & VP, Customer Solutions and Innovation, 3Degrees

“Supplier REach offers Microsoft’s suppliers straightforward paths to procure carbon-free electricity, serving as a resource for their journey to make the clean energy transition and reduce emissions.”
Edmond Chan, Sr. Sustainability Program Manager, Microsoft Procurement

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